Electrifying together.

We’re building the backbone of our country’s new transportation ecosystem. The challenge is monumental, but it’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity for change.

An image of a modern truck.

Our purpose and mission.

Let’s take it back to 2021. The electrification tipping point was underway, and Terawatt’s founders had already begun to anticipate the infrastructural challenges that would accompany large-scale electrification efforts — especially for commercial transportation.

So they started deploying capital to buy up land along major highway corridors and in industrial hubs — areas that would make sense for the businesses that would eventually electrify.

Fast forward a few years and the electric transition is full stem ahead. And sure enough, while companies nationwide are beginning to double down on battery electric vehicle (BEV) fleets, figuring out where, when, and how to charge is proving to be a pain point.

That’s where we come in.

We’re a diverse team with backgrounds in real estate development and construction, data centers, clean energy, and mobility. Playing our part to reduce carbon emissions at scale is what gets us out of bed in the morning, and we’re excited to collaborate with people and companies that share our ambitions.

Our values.

Create positive energy.

First and foremost, the desire to push meaningful change forward is what gets Teras out of bed in the morning. We’re all bound by a shared passion for reducing emissions and ushering in a clean energy future, and we’re equally committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative team.

Accelerate action.

We work best with people who are decisive, scrappy, and forward-moving, and we welcome those who come from a place of Yes.

Enjoy the ride.

Humor is a required skill set! We make sure everyone gets the chance to take a breath of fresh air, enjoy the journey, and celebrate each other and our collective accomplishments.

Energize relationships.

We ensure you have the time and space you need to learn from the team and access mentorship and development opportunities.