An image of a modern truck.

Better fleet. Better power.

Get ahead and stay ahead with a charging partner that keeps your fleet charged efficiently and reliably, so you can get your vehicles right back on the road with the least friction possible.

Top-tier charging experience.

We don’t compromise on quality, providing you with the fastest possible charging times in the industry and real-time insights into the charging activities of your feet.

A centralized platform for managing your charging operations.

Monitor charge status, start or stop a charge, minimize energy usage, and streamline scheduling — all from one place. Oversee activity for all charging sites — irrespective of vehicle or EVSE type — and integrate your internal business tools.

George Balaban
Owner, Desert Cab

“The smart charging platform allows our chargers to use the existing power we have at our site most efficiently and their monitoring of our chargers and platform have helped identify and quickly fix issues. All of this has allowed us to focus on running our fleet of taxis rather than having to struggle with the management and maintenance of an EV charging system.”

Proactive & preventive maintenance.

Terawatt’s robust O&M program consists of spare parts management, on-site repairs, and end-to-end EVSE repair and warranty management preempts technical failures — plus a 24/7 technical support team that performs root cause analyses to diagnose technical issues and provide clear resolution pathways.