Powering the future of transportation.

Change is tough, but charging shouldn’t be. Our high-powered charging sites and software, operations, and maintenance services provide the most flexible range of charging solutions to meet the needs of your fleet.

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Easy access to charging, when and where you need it.

Whether you’d like to leverage our expansive network of semi-private charging sites or have us do a custom build (your land or ours), we’ve got charging solutions to suit the needs of every fleet.

Accelerated EV adoption with fleet-forward services.

All Terawatt charging sites are underpinned by our proprietary Charge Management Software and our robust operations and maintenance program — letting you optimize your charging operations from a centralized platform.

Diesel vs. EVs: Calculate your fuel savings

The transition to electric vehicles ultimately comes down to dollars and cents — and penciling out those costs has never been easier.

Using this interactive tool, gain a clearer picture of how your cost per mile could change by switching to EVs.

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Scaling with confidence: 3 advantages to starting with an EV fleet pilot

Starting small provides fleets with the invaluable advantage of time – a runway to fine-tune operations, understand nuances, and optimize the integration of EVs.

Terawatt’s full-spectrum approach to EV charging solutions for fleets

Every fleet is electrifying at its own pace, which means charging infrastructure is not one size fits all. That’s why we build infrastructure solutions tailored to each individual fleet — which can come in three different forms.