An image of a modern truck.

Charging that works for every fleet.

Semi-private sites. Dedicated custom-built sites. Sites built in your own backyard. Terawatt does it all.

Cost efficient acceleration of your EV adoption.

Charge your EV fleet the way you’d buy fuel, without committing the capex required for site acquisition, development, maintenance, or support.

We own and operate sites with flexible charging options, so you can extend your mileage, get maximum usage out of every truck, and reduce your cost per mile. Plus, only pay for the energy you need.

First mover advantage.

Take advantage of our head start on all of the development, maintenance, and support required, and benefit from preferential lead times on materials and efficient permitting. We’re so far down this road that we can power you through every turn.

Flexible EV fleet utilization.

Whether you’re looking for overnight charging, charging during slip-seating, a quick daytime range extension charge, or all of the above, our flexible site designs — complete with the fastest charging speeds available on the market and both pull-through and bobtail stalls — let you do it all.

Convenient, high-powered charging locations.

Terawatt acquires and develops properties in the areas most useful to your fleet. Not to mention we undergo a rigorous power sourcing process ahead of any acquisition, ensuring several megawatts of power at every site.