Charging Infrastructure

Terawatt’s Full-Spectrum Approach to EV Charging Solutions for Fleets

As our name indicates, Terawatt is in the business of providing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty fleets.

But infrastructure is only one component of what we do.

We’re building a full-stack network of EV charging solutions that encompass the physical infrastructure itself — which can take the shape of sites on Terawatt-owned land or behind your fence — as well as the nuts and bolts of what makes a charging site efficient, reliable, and enjoyable for the user.

The following paragraphs will outline the various components that make up the Terawatt solution and walk through how we work with fleets to design their EV charging roadmap.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Every fleet is electrifying at its own pace, which means charging infrastructure is not one size fits all. A solution that works for one fleet may not be suited for another, or a fleet’s needs may change over time.

That’s why we build infrastructure solutions tailored to each individual fleet — which can come in different forms.

  1. Multi-Tenant

Multi-Tenant EV charging sites are locations that are owned, built, operated, and maintained by Terawatt — and shared between multiple fleets. Designed for fast, convenient en-route charging, they enable fleets to avoid buying and building charging infrastructure themselves.

These sites are designed for multiple use cases. Fleets can top off mid-shift or charge overnight once a shift ends, using both pull-through and bobtail charging stalls.

  1. Built to Suit

Terawatt also recognizes that some fleets’ unique space and power needs warrant a more customized approach. In this case, we’ll acquire, design, permit, develop, operate, and maintain a site on behalf of an individual fleet.

These sites can be configured to a business’ exact specifications and can include anything from charging, parking, and/or amenities. Fleets can even explore opening charger access to other fleets at these sites, providing added revenue share opportunities.

  1. Behind the Fence

Terawatt can also design, build, operate, and maintain sites behind a fleet’s own fence — assuming there’s adequate space and power.

These locations are also fully customized to an individual fleet’s needs and provide a low-risk way to begin electrifying. And as a fleet scales, Terawatt can continue building additional sites or provide access to existing Multi-Tenant facilities.

EV Charging Software & Services

We know that the infrastructure itself is of no use if the EVSEs malfunction or the vehicles can’t get back on the road quickly. So in addition to the infrastructure, Terawatt is building a centralized technology platform that allows fleets to manage their entire EV charging operation in one place — and, most importantly, enables unified charging capabilities across all different types of vehicles and chargers.

Charge Management Software

Terawatt’s CMS, built specifically for fleets, is designed to integrate the ecosystem of different vehicle models and charger types. Whether a fleet is made up of a singular vehicle type or contains a mix of different vehicle makes and models, the technology functions identically. And as any fleet scales, the CMS can unlock oversight of charging activity for various sites in one place.

A live dashboard lets users monitor state of charge, charger performance, charge status, and energy usage, or automatically start or stop a charging session and conduct remote reboots.

The scheduling tool helps optimize energy usage by designing charge windows around lower power consumption or preferred times of use.

An alert system sends SMS or email notifications when charging actions are completed or in the event of an issue, and the reporting capabilities provide regular energy and cost management updates.

Operations & Maintenance

Terawatt pairs its software with a “smart wrenches” system to catch technical issues before they arise, keep all hardware in good working order with on-site repairs and warranty management, and provide technical support channels.


How to Know Which EV Charging Solution Is Right for You

Terawatt’s customer-centric approach means we first seek to understand each individual fleet’s needs, and we design a custom solution or make a Multi-Tenant site recommendation from there. The inputs a fleet would provide consist of some combination of the following:

  • Number of EVs in current fleet
  • Number of EVs on order
  • EV vehicle type and year
  • Duty cycle or vehicle usage information
  • Optimal charging location(s)
  • If interested in Behind the Fence, size and power of owned/leased land

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