Charging Infrastructure

Humility, Humor and a Desire to Solve One of the Greatest Challenges of Our Generation

It’s been an exciting summer at Terawatt as we’ve been actively focused on growing our team, engaging with prospective clients and building on our offering.

With the latest bipartisan infrastructure plan advancing on its final passage in the House, electrification and building the charging infrastructure required to support it continues to make headlines. It’s a gargantuan challenge that will require some of the brightest and most dedicated minds in the industry – but also from outside. Indeed, we at Terawatt believe that diversity of thought, background and expertise begets innovation.

In order to deliver on our mission, we will be seeking purpose-driven individuals to fill a broad set of roles in Terawatt – from finance and real estate experts to data scientists and solutions architects. We hope to attract people that want to have a first-hand impact on eliminating fossil fuels and that feel inspired by our mission to support the transition to a carbon free economy.

To facilitate this transition for clients, Terawatt delivers end-to-end charging solutions, with the infrastructure to support it, at scale. Whether for an urban mobility hub, a last mile fleet operator, or long haul electric trucking, Terawatt brings the talent, capabilities, and capital to create reliable, cost-effective solutions for customers on the leading edge of the transition to zero carbon transport.

It’s an exciting opportunity to get in early on a small but growing team that will play an active role in this once-in-a-history transition. We aim to execute humbly and with urgency, knowing that we’re essentially embarking on the wild west of infrastructure build out. It will require a whole new mindset for organizations, as well as new avenues of collaboration and innovative business models to accomplish.

In my early days as CEO of Terawatt, I put some serious thought into the type of culture and values the company should uphold.

Here’s our manifesto. If this resonates with you or anyone you know who is looking to take the next step in their career at an industry-pioneering company, we’d love to hear from you.

Terawatt Manifesto:

  • Aim to provide solutions and delight our customers. We can only be successful by doing this. We are a trusted partner in our clients’ electrification journey, in it for the long-haul. We take a highly customized approach to solve energy and electrification challenges, delivering long-term value with transparency and expertise.
  • Take measured risks, be decisive, and move quickly. The rate of adoption of electric medium to heavy duty fleets will soon surpass passenger EVs and the grid is simply not ready. The need is urgent and we must act accordingly using all the resources, technology and know-how at our disposal.
  • Be humble, ask questions, welcome new ideas. As previously mentioned, we’re in the wild west in terms of vehicle electrification. There isn’t a playbook yet; we have a chance to write it. No idea is a bad idea.
  • Treat all colleagues, customers, and partners with the respect you expect to receive from them. Self explanatory. As a company, we are only as good as our people. Respect is paramount.
  • Task conflict over people conflict: Focus on the problem and not the person. This ties back to respect. People make mistakes. Disagreements happen. Leave your ego at the door and remember why we’re all here.
  • When identifying and voicing a problem or issue, offer a solution alongside it. Terawatt is a solution provider. Let’s take that to heart in everything we do.
  • Take time to mentor and learn from others. Some of the most fulfilling experiences of my career have been through mentoring others and being a mentee myself. This is a tenant of career development at Terawatt that we actively encourage and foster.
  • Bring your whole self and have fun! We want you to bring your personality to Terawatt and let it shine through with our customers. There will be long days, frustrating roadblocks but also moments of victory. Throughout it all, humor will keep us going, bond us together, and focus our collective sights on our goals.