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Terawatt's Support of the National Zero Emission Freight Corridor Strategy

As federal policy continues to incorporate clean energy solutions for heavy-duty trucking, we can’t help but feel that a pivotal moment is on the horizon. Today, the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation published the highly anticipated National Zero Emission Freight Corridor Strategy. This follows the Federal Highway Administration’s recent Alternative Fuel Freight Corridor Designations announcements, outlining a national strategy towards an electric fleet future. Amid this transformative era, Terawatt stands as a key player, dedicated to revolutionizing solutions for commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleet charging.

In February, the Biden-Harris Administration announced a $7.4 million investment to seven projects to develop medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicle (EV) charging and hydrogen corridor infrastructure plans, through the Department of Energy. From a press release: “The DOE-funded projects will focus on electrification plans for essential and heavily trafficked domestic freight corridors, including those serving Northern and Southern California, the Eastern Seaboard, the Northeast, Southwest, and much of the Midwest.” Today, we receive detailed information on the current Zero Emission Freight Corridor Strategy, and an expansion of the administration’s policy on cutting emissions and national infrastructure advancement.

Terawatt eagerly embraces these designations as a monumental step in the nation's commitment to EV adoption. We extend gratitude for the federal focus on planning for EV freight, recognizing the significance of these designations in providing market signals for infrastructure development. Terawatt's goals of reducing emissions, ushering in a clean energy future, and progressive technology adoption are intricately aligned with this forward-thinking approach. Specifically, the federal strategy targets investment in electrifying ports, intermodal facilities, and key highway corridors, gradually filling in gaps in the national network over time as fleets increasingly electrify.

With this announcement, the strategic benefits of these designations to Terawatt's objectives become apparent. The federal government's focus towards heavy-duty electrification opens opportunities for Terawatt, signaling a broader landscape for innovation and growth. Terawatt's developmental pipeline aligns seamlessly with the overarching federal strategy, positioning the company to be a partner of choice for fleets and governments seeking to work collaboratively on a national EV freight network. The inclusion of critical interstates — I-10, I-5, I-95, and the Texas Triangle — underscores the significance of these corridors in Terawatt's vision. The federal "hub and spoke" approach paints a vivid narrative of the evolving EV freight corridors.

Terawatt proudly showcases its strategic alignment with the federal investment strategy, laying the groundwork for potential benefits for investors and increasing the likelihood of future grant awards. Our commitment to building a network in sync with federal planning reaffirms our commitment to customers; and strategically located along highways frequented by major fleets ensure accessibility and convenience.

We applaud the Federal Highway Administration's designations and the robust federal focus on planning for fleet electrification. An invitation is extended to stakeholders, investors, and customers to join Terawatt on this thrilling journey, actively shaping the future of electric fleet charging. The road ahead is charged with potential, and Terawatt is at the forefront, lighting the way.

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